Having an orderly, organized, and well-moderated Forum makes browsing and discussions better. And more importantly, it attracts more visitors to join. Moderation does not only includes moving, editing, deleting, or managing posts and threads. But it also involves moderating or managing the Forum members. Every Forum has its own Rules and Regulations which every member should abide. And Forum Moderators should see to it that members do not stray away from those guidelines. So an Infraction System has been put up which is a good way to manage those members who violate the Forum Rules or display inappropriate behavior.

User Infraction system

The User Infraction system is designed to automate the management of misbehaving users.
Currently, Symbianize has these infraction levels…

Title Points   Expiration
Repeated Flooding, Multi-posting, or Spamming 1   1 Month
Repeated Avatar/Signature/Profile Picture Rule Violation 1   1 Month
Advertisement, Promotion, or Linking to a Site Similar to Symbianize 1   1 Month
Insults or Inappropriate Language/Behavior 2   1 Month
Posting Child Porn, Bestiality, or Malicious Softwares 2   1 Month

Each infraction level has an expiration time. When the infraction expires, the associated points are removed from the user’s point total and the user’s infraction groups are recalculated.

Infraction levels can also be allowed to be given as warnings. A warning does not add any infraction point to the user’s point total. Warnings serve as a method to remind user’s of our forum’s rules and encourage them to be followed without awarding infraction points. Giving whether an infraction or a warning solely depends on Moderator’s discretion.

Accumulating 5 infraction points automatically suspends a user’s account.

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