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I came across with 2 hottest coupon codes for Lunarpages Hosting.

Coupon #1 – TakeOff25Add2
Coupon #2 – 27PercentOff

Lunarpages Web Hosting

But before anything else, here’s an overview of Lunarpages’ Basic Hosting Plan…

* 350 GB Storage
* 3500 GB Transfer
* FREE Setup
* FREE Domain Name
* Web Statistics
* E-Commerce Enabled
* Fantastico Scripts
* FrontPage Extensions
* 24/7 Legendary Support
* Unlimited Email & Databases
* 99% Up-Time Guarantee
* Host 11 Sites on 1 Plan
* Money Back Guarantee
* Learn More…

Now back to the coupons.

Coupon #1 – TakeOff25Add2
(best for 1-year order)

Get $25 OFF your hosting bill AND 2 extra months for FREE at the SAME TIME! Valid for all 1-year and 2-year order.

If you order for 1 year, you only need to pay $70.40 and you will get 14 months of hosting! The averaged monthly fee will become $5.03 for 14 months!

Price Before Discount $95.40
$25 Off Using Coupon -$25.00
Total Price After Discount

(+2 months free)

If you order for 2 years, you need to pay $141.80 and you will get 26 months of hosting. The averaged monthly fee will become $5.45 for 26 months! But don’t use this coupon when you order for 2 years! Get more savings using coupon #2.

Coupon #2 – 27PercentOff
(best for 2-year order)

Instead of a flat $25 off from the 1st coupon, this coupon actually gives you 27% off your total bill. Valid for all 1-year and 2-year order.

If you are signing up for 1 year, it is smarter to use the first coupon TakeOff25Add2. However, if you are signing up for 2 years, use this coupon!

Price Before Discount $166.80
25% Off Using Coupon -$45.04
Total Price After Discount


The averaged monthly price will become $5.07 for 24 months.

Since the discount is calculated based on total bill, all purchases of add-ons such as domain privacy, Java support, ASP support, dedicated IP and premium restore service will give you further discount. This coupon will also give you significant discount for the business plans and Windows plans.

Why it is wiser to order for 2 years and use Coupon #2?

If you order for 1 year and use coupon #1, your averaged price is $5 but you get 14 months of hosting only. You have to renew your account after 14 months and you will need to pay the normal hosting fee of $7.95/month thereafter.

If you order for 2 years and use coupon #2, your averaged price is also $5 but you actually get 24 months of hosting! And you only need to renew after 24 months and at a cheaper rate of $6.95/month.

Take the 24-month plan. You will be hosting with them for a long time. And because they allow you to host 11 websites in 1 single account, you can always add more websites later without paying a single cent for hosting anymore.

Files that are loaded to or from servers uses internet bandwidth to push files along the network at various speeds. Every time you upload a file to your ISP, surf the web or use an audio application, you are using bandwidth.

Bandwidth is a bunch of wires or fibers connecting servers to a network. Depending on the grade of the wire it determines how much data is coming across the network where your web-site is hosted. When someone attempts to get more data than can be handled by the network, the whole network slows down.

ISP’s can put a limitation on bandwidth at certain times during peak periods or charge you a flat fee per month for bandwidth usage. If you go over the flat fee, then they charge you extra for using extra bandwidth. Some ISP’s will shut down the transmissions until traffic is more stable on the network.

You can load most files (images, sound files, videos and flash scripts and other programs) in your web site. This excludes, of course, banners and pop ups and specific documents and images which are supposed to be loaded from a central server.

Bandwidth bandits link to images and other files directly to some other server instead of putting them on their local server. There are various reasons as to why they do this but one reason is to get as much bandwidth as possible to show their links and images. So they “steal” images or audio files each time the site is initialized meaning that they steal the bandwidth.

There’s certain ways that you can stop the person from stealing your bandwidth allocation. If they have an email, I would contact them personally or go through Network Solutions and do an IP lookup which will give you information on the person and who the site is registered to. You can always get in touch with the company that hosts their site too.

Bandwidth can be expensive and the last thing that you want is someone stealing it.

First of all, below are the services and features offered by Lunarpages Hosting for $6.95 per month on a 24-month plan.


30-day money back guarantee
350 GB Storage Space
3500 GB/Month Bandwidth per Month
cPanel, 10 Add-On Domains, Unlimited Features
Microsoft® FrontPage® Extensions
MySQL and postgre SQL Database
FTP Accounts and CGI-BIN
Ruby on Rails, PHP, PERL, PHYTON Support
SSI – Server Side Includes
Customizable Error Pages
E-mail Accounts, Forwarding, Auto Responders
Web Mail, Mailing List, Spam Protection, Catch-All Address
Fantastico Script Library
Streaming Audio/Video Support
Real Media Audio/Video, Flash, Macromedia Shockwave Support
MIDI File Support, Own Mime Types

Who would not be amazed of those services and features. Perhaps none since even us gave LP a shot.

But, don’t use Lunarpages hosting if you’re a non-US user who prefer paypal payment in US dollars. Lunarpages uses Stratocash as its own payment processor. We’re from Canada and we usually do transactions using paypal as mode of payment since it is widely used by most merchants. When we signed up for a new LP account we were assessed in USD. Then Stratocash automatically converted our bill into our country’s currency, Canadian dollars. And since the primary currency of our paypal balance is USD, we are need to convert our USD into CAD to pay our bill. On those two conversions (Stratocash and paypal), we paid 21 USD in addition to our actual bill. So unless you are willing to pay for unnecessary conversion charges, don’t use payment processors such as paypal, e-gold, and the like to pay for your LP bill. Or else you may want to try looking for another host that accepts direct paypal to paypal transaction.

Don’t use Lunarpages hosting if you prefer to monitor your site’s statistics using awstats. LP doesn’t have awstats installed.

And lastly, don’t use Lunarpages hosting if you would like to avail for the money-back guarantee as soon as possible. After trying their service for a couple of days, we found ourselves unsatisfied with LP’s hosting, so we asked for a money-back guarantee. And from the day we asked for a refund, it took around 3 weeks before we finally get our money back.

Week ago, <a href=”http://www.symbianize.com” title=”Exclusive Pinoy Chat, Mobile, and PC Community”>Symbianize</a> underwent a few setback during its major update. The site became unavailable for 5 days. This was when Symbianize moved to another host, servage.net. The site experienced a lot of difficulties on the new found host.


But foremost, here’s the overview of Servage web hosting service.

Technical Overview
– Powerful Clustered Servers
Intel DUAL XEON Processors, SCSI Hard Drives, 12 GB Ram etc.)
– 24/7 Expert Helpdesk – Major Bandwidth Providers
– 24/7 Server Monitoring – 99.98% Server Uptime
– Linux Operating System – Secure Server (SSL) Included
Host Unlimited Websites! Free Whois Privacy (Optional)
Mail Features
– Unlimited POP3 Mailboxes – Unlimited IMAP Mailboxes
– Unlimited E-Mail Forwarders – SMTP Server
– Online Mail Access (Webmail) – Catch-All Mailbox
– Spam Filtering – Unlimited Mailing Lists
Web features
– 360 GB Web Space (360000 MB) – 3600 GB Transfer
– Unlimited FTP Accounts – FTP Access
– 1000 MySQL Databases (v4 & v5) – FTPS (Encrypted FTP)
– PHP v4.4.4 & PHP v5.2.1 – GD Support
– Shockwave & Flash – Microsoft Frontpage Support
– Custom Error Pages – WAP Enabled
– XML Support – Mod_Rewrite Enabled
– EXIF Support – CGI/Perl
– SSI Support – Python Support
– Private CGI-BIN – ionCube Loader
– Zend Optimizer – Run Zend Encoded Scripts
– Optional Hotlink Protection – CURL Enabled
– PHPMyAdmin – Webbuilder Software Included
– ImageMagick Support – Netpbm Support
– Ruby on Rails – Wildcard Domains
– Password Protected Directories – Full .htaccess & .htpasswd Support
Additional Features (included)
– Web Based Administration Panel – Full DNS Management
– 1 New Domain Included (or transfer) – Multiple Domain Hosting
– Unlimited Subdomains – Own Cronjobs
– Online Web Statistics – Online Filemanager
– Automatic Script Installer – Servage WebDrive (S:)

At first glance, Servage seems to be the right host for your high resource demanding site. For only $6.45 per month, you’ll get a generous 360 gigabytes (additional 30gb if coupon code is provided) webspace, 3,600 gigabytes monthly bandwidth, and unlimited features. Sounds like oversell? You be the judge. But all we can say is that Servage is not the right host for Symbianize and we do not personally recommend it to our close friends and colleagues.

Don’t use Servage hosting if your site demands ImageMagick. Though they claim to have ImageMagick Support, after opening a couple of support tickets, they still couldn’t provide us with the proper ImageMagick path for our image scripts particularly the ones we used on our vBulletin board.

Don’t use Servage hosting if you would like to send verification emails or any other email for that matter to your site members who are using yahoo and hotmail accounts. After running a couple of tests, we found out that Servage has difficulty in sending mails to yahoo and hotmail users.

Don’t use Servage hosting if you plan to ask for assistance on moving your site from your old host to their server. During pre-sales, the Sales Department told us that they are willing to lend a hand on moving our site to them. But when we were already there, our ticket concerning the site transfer was on hold for several days eventhough we provided them the neccessary information including the FTP or login details.

Don’t use Servage hosting if you prefer monitoring your site statistics via AWStats since they dont have AWStats.

Don’t use Servage hosting if you want an instant connect to FTP using your favorite FTP client. Usually you will be connected only after 3 to 8 tries.

Don’t use Servage hosting if you prefer cPanel. They are using a custom control panel designed by them and its a bit uneasy to adjust if you are used to cPanel.

And lastly, don’t use Servage hosting if you would like to try them first for a week or two. They only offer a scanty 5-day money back guarantee.

All of the statements above are based on our personal experience after trying their service for 4 days. We don’t know what other problems may occur along the way since we dont want to go beyond the money-back guarantee period and be unsatisfactorily stuck to their service for one year. But don’t get us wrong, Servage might be a good host for others who doesn’t demand the same requirements as us, and the problems that we encountered might already been resolved.

And in fairness, one good thing i liked the most about their service is the importation of database. You could import any size of database via the file manager which is faster than the conventional way of importing on phpMyAdmin.

New to website building and you dont have enough cash yet to go for a shared hosting? Try this free non-ads webhosting provider…

Technical Overview
110MB is powered by Quad Intel Xeon Servers operating in a cluster-based environment. In plain english: lots of servers connected together, rather then 1 server which hosts all the members as is true for 99% of free hosts, since they can’t afford extra servers. Meaning that if one 110MB server goes down temporarily, your site will be entirely unaffected — ensuring maximum data protection and uptime for your site.
– 24/7 Expert Helpdesk & Forums for Instant Answers – Major Bandwidth Providers (non COGENT!)
– 24/7 Server Monitoring to recover “trouble” – 98.3% – 99.7% Uptime (based on average monthly data)
– Using Debian Linux OS running on Apache 2.0 – Own server held company

Web features
– 2 GB (2000 MB) Web Space – 100 GB (100,000 MB) Monthly Transfer
– 10 MB max file size upload limit – FTP Access (CHMOD Allowed)
– MySQL Database (v5.0) – GD Lib Fully Functional
– PHP v5.1.4 – Mod_Rewrite Enabled
– Shockwave & Flash – Run Zend Encoded Scripts (Zend Optimizer)
– XML Support – CURL Enabled
– SSI Support ** – Web Based File manager/FTP
– ImageMagick Support – PHPMyAdmin
– Zlib Enabled – Run IonCube encoded PHP scripts
– Total CGI and Perl Scripts Support (.cgi, .pl) * ** – ASP Pages support (.asp) **
– Python support (TorrentFlux is not allowed!) ** – IceCast support **
– FrontPage Extensions ** – Curl **
– DOM XML support ** – Sendmail *
– Safe Mode OFF * – Push-Button Application Installer (supports 20+ CMS/forum scripts)

* means that those features are only available for members that provide proof of ID.
** means it’s definitely planned to be activated between June-Aug 07.

Additional Features (included)
– Online File Manager (Unzip compressed files right on the server!) – No footer or header ads on your site. Infact no traces of any form of advertising on your site.
– Easy to use management panel – Daily backups of your data.

You may visit them here… http://www.110mb.com. Though they are currently unstable due to on-going upgrades and tuning up.