Like any other Forum, the most important element and the integral part of it are the members. No Forum will survive without members and forum participation. So Symbianize give thanks to members who help the site grow by promoting it and referring their friends to Symbianize.

Every week, the Forum activity and new member registrations increase continuously. Of course, everything is made possible by the overwhelming voluntary efforts of its current members.

So with that, a Referrer Statistics page has been put up to acknowledge the efforts made by these referrers. The referrer along with his total number of referrals and the usernames of his referrals are displayed there.

The Referrer Statistics page can be found here…

Some may not know but Symbianize is one of the few Forums that implements self-moderation. This means that every member has the ability to moderate their own posts. And with that, Forum Moderators’ workload will be lessen and would give them extra time to focus on more important things that only Moderators can handle.

These self-moderation actions are as follows:

  • Editing own thread title anytime

At Symbianize, some members regularly update their threads with new or additional posts and they find it good to edit the thread title to let everyone know that they did an update.

  • Closing/opening of own thread

There are some instances that closing own thread is necessary. If a member accidentally commits double-post, he can close the other one to prevent future spamming while waiting for a Moderator to take the necessary action. A member may also close the thread if the information posted is no longer valid, the thread became rubbish, or a request or support has been resolved.

  • Editing/deleting own posts anytime

This gives members the ability to edit their posts if they wish to make an update. They can also delete their own post if they accidentally commits double-post due to connection problem or for whatever reason.

Symbianize strongly believes that its members are responsible enough to take care of their own posts and make good use of those permissions.

29 Dec 2006: Symbianize announced 2 new moderators. Tazzky and its4fun are chosen to be part of the Symbianize Staff. They’ve been proven to be reliable members. Helping and sharing whatever they have without expecting anything in return. Compliance with the Forum Guidelines, promoting the site, friendly attitude, and forum awareness are the reasons why they are chosen among other members.

27 Dec 2007: The [hide] tag lets a certain portion of your post to be hidden. This tag is usually used for hiding download links, passwords, or other useful informations. The hidden content will apear when condition is met. A normal [hide] tag requires a member to have a certain amount of post before he can view the hidden content. [showtogroups] allows only selected usergroups to view the hidden content. [hide-thanks] will hide the content until the user presses the thank you button. [hide-reply] will hide the content until the user replies to the thread.

The most frequently used tag is [hide-thanks]. With that tag, members will have to click the thanks button before they can see the hidden content. Some members dont have a problem with it, they somehow understand that its one of the poster’s way of motivating himself. But most of the members find it annoying so they requested for its removal. Which was granted eventually.

With the exit of [hide-thanks], a new Thanks System kicked in. But this time, it’s no longer a ‘forced-thanks’ as other members thought of the old Thanks System. Members may give thanks whenever they feel like giving.

Shortcut links make it easy for users to jump into a certain page in just one click of the mouse. Some shortcut links are already present in vbulletin board by default. But some of them are not really useful so those links are replaced by links to most commonly visited pages. This is just a simple modification but will surely saves browsing time.

New shortcut links under Quick Links are as follows:
Edit Avatar – page where you can change your avatar
Calendar – calendar link was moved here from navbar
Memberlist – memberlist link was moved here from navbar

New shortcut links under Search are as follows:
Find My Posts – list all the posts you made
Find My Threads – list all the threads you started

In addition to shortcut links, Smilies on Quick Reply is also placed. Clicking the smilie face will show the clickable smilies. So members wont need to use the Advanced Reply to view the smilies in case they cant remember the smilie codes.

Days ago, Symbianize added the following features…

1. Members who visited this site in last 24 hours
With this new feature, users can now see members who logged in to Symbianize in the last 24 hours. This is quite useful if you are looking for someone and wanted to know if he visited the site during that time. This can be seen on the Forum Index.

2. Shoutbox
Shoutbox allows currently online members communicate directly to one another. This is a good way to get to know each other in a casual way. If you need an instant reply to your simple question, you can use the Shoutbox. Though it is not advisable to request or ask for help on Shoutbox since online few members (currently online) can see your message and the probability of getting your query answered is low compared to posting it on the forums

3. Image Resizer on Posts
Oversized images posted on forums via [img] tag is scaled down to the standard size set by the Symbianize Administrator. This prevents stretching of table due to large resolution of the image posted. When image is resized, members may click the image to view the original size. By default, the image will be enlarged on the same window. Members can change this setting on their Control Panel according to their preference.

4. Top User Stats
Members with most number of posts, referrals, thanks, and reputation is displayed on the Forum Index. This new feature may somehow serve as an encouragement to other members to participate more on the forums.

5. Gender Profile
As requested by members, a new profile field is provided for gender identification so members can give the proper address to one another and better understand their personalities. This is represented by and icons viewable on posts and placed right after the username of the member.

‘Smilies’ are small graphical images that can be used to convey an emotion or feeling. If you have used email or internet chat, you are likely familiar with the smilie concept. Certain standard strings are automatically converted into smilies. Try twisting your head on one side if you do not ‘get’ smilies; using a bit of imagination should reveal a face of some description.

Here are some smilies that were added…
Beat Cloud9 Giggle King Liar

Ohmy Peace Phone Popcorn Pray

Punch Rant Readangry Salute Santa

Thumbsdown Thumbup Unsure Wha4 Yawn Yuk

5 new games have been added to Symbianize Arcade.

1. Pacman

2. Mission To Mars

3. Zoo Keeper

4. Word Up

5. Battleship

Visit the Symbianize Arcade to start playing.

Symbianize, the Exclusive Pinoy Chat, Mobile, and PC Community made its debut last December 08, 2006. The site is powered by vBulletin which is well-known for its security, stability, and vast availability of features, and the site’s URLs are search engine optimized by vBSEO.

Symbianize Forums offers Filipino citizens a wide variety of discussions mostly related to Nokia and Sony Ericsson phones. Other categories pertaining to Personal Computer (PC) and Media files like e-books, graphics, audios, and videos are also available.

Other service includes an Arcade System where members can kill time playing their favorite old school games and some new flash games developed today while waiting for someone to reply to their posts.

There’s also a Shoutbox where members can communicate directly to one another. Shoutbox is powered by AJAX technology so members doesn’t need to manually refresh the page for new shouts. It automatically refreshes if a new shout is submitted.

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