The previously public usergroups – PR Managers, Theme Artists, and Graphic Artists are no longer joinable groups. These groups along with Symbianize Gurus will now serve as acknowledgment or classification for members who made special contributions to Symbianize. These contributions may require some skills, knowledge, sincerity and determination.Inclusion to the group depends on member’s posts. Below are some guidelines on how members are classified.

Symbianize Gurus – members who help other members on their inquiries (mostly technical). Those who provide tips and tutorials are also candidates for this group.

PR Managers – members who constantly help Symbianize grow by promoting and referring it to other non-members. Number of referrals and links from other sites (posts from Promote Symbianize) is also part of the criteria for this group.

Theme Artists – members who are skilled in making phone themes using the Nokia Theme Studio or other official theme making software and willing to share their creations.

Graphic Artists – members with sufficient knowledge on photo editing and graphic design and willing to share their creations.

To complete the list, here are the 3 other groups…

Elite Members – members with significant forum contributions to Symbianize. Those who earned 500 or more reputation points automatically promoted to this group.

Symbianize VIPs – members who made financial contributions to Symbianize. Their donations help the site to pay for ever increasing bandwidth cost, hosting fees, and avail added services for the benefit of everyone.

Moderators – moderate the forums to maintain orderliness and uphold the Forum Guidelines. Some may consider them as the most powerful users in any Forum since they can manage any post or thread within their assigned forums or sections and may ban any member. A member must be friendly, fair, tolerant, familiar with the forum guidelines, and possesses forum awareness to qualify for this group. Reporting bad posts increases the chances of being chosen, warnings or infractions decreases those chances.

Unlike the previous setup, inclusion to the group is now permanent. Except of course if a member is banned or no longer active for a very long time. Since group membership is now permanent and requires no tasks or responsibility, the promotion will take longer than usual (compared to the previous setup for PRMs, GAs, and TAs). With this new system, hopefully members will focus on Symbianize’s main purpose which is helping and sharing, and not just distinction or title.

December 9, 2007, when Symbianize Forums opens its doors to Pinoy users not only in the Philippines but also across the globe. Filipinos from different regions and speaking different dialects but sharing the same interests are gathered in one site exclusively made for Filipinos.

And after 3 marvelous months, Symbianize now has 1,000 members. And its only the beginning. Symbianize aims to consolidate all Pinoys from different sites that shares common interests. That’s why Symbianize encourage members to participate more and give their comments and suggestions for the betterment of the site and to possibly attain its goal in no time. 😉

As requested by members, 2 additional forums are introduced…

Graphic Tutorials

Learn the basic and advance way of creating effects and enhancing your graphics. Bring your images to life using your photo-editing software. We can share all kinds of graphic tutorials and articles here.

Skins, Fonts, and Icons

Collection of applications skins, icons, and fonts. Look or share yours here for your friends and for our fellow Symbianizers.

The new ibPro Arcade has been introduced to the site replacing the old V3 Arcade System.

Aside from the existing features from the old system, some new features are also included:

New Style
Members may opt to choose the old V3 layout or the new ibPro layout.

Highscore Champions
Players are ranked according to the number of total actual highscores they are currently holding. The top 3 members will be displayed on Symbianize Arcade index page.

King Of The Arcade
The player who recorded the most number of all-time Highscores.

Leader Of The Leaderboard
Each player will receive points to every game they played according to their rank on that particular game. First place finishers will receive 25 points, 15 for 2nd, 10 for 3rd, 5 for 4th and 5th, and 3 for 6th-10th place. The player who gained the highest total points will hold the title of being the Leader of the Leaderboard.

Game Tournaments
Compete with other players on an elimination type of game. Beat every player that you met along the way to be crowned as the Tournament Champ.

Champions And Tourney Title Holders On Post
If a member is the current actual highscore champion of a game or a tournament champion, a note will appear on their post.

Currently active users on arcade
This will show the current active members browsing the Arcade and displays the activity or location of a member if he’s on the Arcade.

Aside from the Arcade switch, 10 more games are also added:

Mario Catcher
Mario Catcher Game

Mars Patrol
Mars Patrol Game

Money Money Money
Money Money Money Game

Ninja Kid
Ninja Kid Game

Ninja Turtles 2
Ninja Turtles 2 Game

Paintball Game

Pencak Game

Pin Headz
Pin Headz Game

Pipe Mania
Pipe Mania Game

Plops Game

For more info and forum discussion, pls. go here. Or jump directly to the Arcade here.

Having an orderly, organized, and well-moderated Forum makes browsing and discussions better. And more importantly, it attracts more visitors to join. Moderation does not only includes moving, editing, deleting, or managing posts and threads. But it also involves moderating or managing the Forum members. Every Forum has its own Rules and Regulations which every member should abide. And Forum Moderators should see to it that members do not stray away from those guidelines. So an Infraction System has been put up which is a good way to manage those members who violate the Forum Rules or display inappropriate behavior.

User Infraction system

The User Infraction system is designed to automate the management of misbehaving users.
Currently, Symbianize has these infraction levels…

Title Points   Expiration
Repeated Flooding, Multi-posting, or Spamming 1   1 Month
Repeated Avatar/Signature/Profile Picture Rule Violation 1   1 Month
Advertisement, Promotion, or Linking to a Site Similar to Symbianize 1   1 Month
Insults or Inappropriate Language/Behavior 2   1 Month
Posting Child Porn, Bestiality, or Malicious Softwares 2   1 Month

Each infraction level has an expiration time. When the infraction expires, the associated points are removed from the user’s point total and the user’s infraction groups are recalculated.

Infraction levels can also be allowed to be given as warnings. A warning does not add any infraction point to the user’s point total. Warnings serve as a method to remind user’s of our forum’s rules and encourage them to be followed without awarding infraction points. Giving whether an infraction or a warning solely depends on Moderator’s discretion.

Accumulating 5 infraction points automatically suspends a user’s account.

Two forums under Symbianize Lounge were added.

Service Provider Chat

    Everything you need to discuss about Globe, Smart, Sun Cellular, PLDT, Digitel, Bayatel, ISP Bonanza, Pacific Internet, and even other leading service providers outside the country.

Work & School Chat

    Got stuck with your assignment? Need more idea about your work or school project? Looking for a job? Or simply get in touch with your schoolmates, or people with the same profession as yours.

Web browser toolbars are getting popular nowadays. Yahoo and google toolbars are the most commonly used. And now, Symbianize released its very own web browser toolbar.

The Symbianize Toolbar comes with some cool and handy features. Some of them are links to frequently visited pages or essential links to various section of the site. There’s also a privacy protection which includes one-click to the following: clear browser cache, clear browser history, and delete browser cookies. Weather forecast and a google-powered search box is also provided. But what i like about most is the email notifier where user has the ability to setup multiple new email reminders. Just like yahoo or google toolbar which notify you if a new email arrives. Symbianize toolbar works exactly the same thing but more. It allows the user to setup more than one email account and with just one-click, the user gets access to his email accounts. It can be a hotmail, yahoo, gmail, or any pop3 email as long as the domain is a .com or

The Best of Our Site
Get Symbianize’s freshest content delivered directly to your browser, no matter where you are on the Web
Hand-picked Links
Check out all of our favorite places on the Web, and share your top links with everyone
Google-Powered Search Box
Search the Web, Symbianize, and other useful engines, no matter where you are on the Web
E-mail Notifier
Get one-click access to all your E-mail accounts and get pinged whenever you receive a new message

The current version of the toolbar is compatible with Internet Explorer v5.0+ and Mozilla Firefox v1.0.1+ web browsers. Works on Windows 2000/XP. Uninstaller is also included.

Download page is here.

New public or joinable usergroups were introduced…

PR Managers


  • In charge of promotion or advertisement of Symbianize.

Group Leader: Lance

Graphic Artists


  • Specializes in photo-editing and graphics development at Symbianize.

Group Leader: GraySource

Theme Artists


  • Specializes in mobile theme development and creation at Symbianize.

Group Leader: alfox

Being a member of these groups is a responsibility. Each group has its own assigned tasks to be accomplished. Anyone is welcome even the Newcomers as long as qualifications are met. Group Leaders may accept, deny, or pend join requests for whatever reason based on their own discretion. Aside from the distinctive colored username, additional features or privileges will be enjoyed by these usergroup members. More info and group qualifications can be found here.

The recent Google Page Rank update (January 2007) gives Symbianize Forums a PR3 rating. Quite a surprise to snatch a PR3 since the site is still in its beta stage.

However, Symbianize Forums truly deserves it considering the promotion and advertisement made by its Staff and regular members. Lots of backlinks from Forum signatures, directory listings, and link exchanges has been established.

With this new development, Symbianize translated this good news to funds. Symbianize opens its doors to advertisement. Bidvertiser and Chitika are the two pay-per-click programs used. But the two PPCs were later on removed and were replaced by text links which are placed at the site’s header, sitewide.

Almost every week, new games have been added to Symbianize Arcade. So now members will have enough games to choose from. Making your stay at Symbianize a good one and a better way to kill time.

The following games were added:

Stuart’s Xtreme Skateboarding
Stuart Xtreme Skateboarding

Super Fishing
Super Fishing

Bomber Man
Bomber Man


Spider Jump
Spider Jump

Square Bear Reversi (othello)
Square Bear Reversi

Worms Massacre
Worms Massacre



Word Descrambler
Word Descrambler


Missle Strike
Missle Strike

Quick Shot
Quick Shot

Shuriken Challenge
Shuriken Challenge


Simpsons Shooter
Simpsons Shooter

Skate Park
Skate Park Game

Play now and be the first one to establish the Hi-Scores,
visit: Symbianize Arcade

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