This month, October 2007, after years of waiting and numerous petitions, PayPal Philippine Accounts are now given the option to receive funds from other PayPal users and debit or credit cardholders. This is great changed for those who wish to earn money online. As we all know, PayPal is the leading or should i say the most common and widely use payment processor across the globe.

With that big development, PayPal Philippine accounts can now send, receive, and withdraw funds. However, unverified accounts are limited to receive a total of $100. To lift this limit, the user should verify his account. To do this you will be needing a credit card. For those who doesn’t have a credit card for whatever reason, he could provide a vitual credit card (VCC) instead. VCCs are now widely use to verify accounts. Its legit since PayPal allow such prepaid cards. But unlike a real credit card, VCC has a very short expiration time so you will have to have purchase another one if you wish to preserve your verified status.