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Nokia has just unveiled the HF-300 speakerphone that was specially designed for those who hit the road frequently, as evident by the sun visor clip that mounts it above your head complete with a battery to eliminate the need for a car charger. You can also place the HF-300 on the dashboard or desk, since its rubber feet prevent it from slipping all too easily. The Nokia HF-300 boasts up to 20 hours of continuous talktime, preserving energy by turning itself off after 5 minutes without a Bluetooth connection.


The WildCharge wireless charging mat gets plugged into an outlet, and any electronic device placed on it gets juiced up through the magic of electromagnetic induction. Yeah, electric toothbrushes have been doing this for some time, but it looks like it’s about to make the long overdue jump into mainstream gadgetry. The obvious downside at this point is that you have to get an adapter for each of your devices to allow them to take advantage of the induction field, unless you already have something that’s WildCharge enabled.

The pad itself is a svelte sub-0.1″ thin, and will charge as many gadgets as you can stuff onto it. There are a few missing specs, such as exactly how much power this thing can pump out. The cost hasn’t been released, but it should be available “at a cost competitive with standard aftermarket cellular phone or laptop computer chargers.”


Sony is giving the competition something to think about with its 2.5″ OLED screen made from a glass substrate, enabling you to bend the screen casually. This wafer-thin display will probably find practical use inside futuristic, high-tech magazines as an advertisement channel or other social products such as cellphones. Organic TFT technology is utilized to keep the clarity intact despite measuring just 0.3mm thick. This flexi-OLED display has a resolution of 120 x 169 pixels and weighs a mere 1.5 grams.

Bluetooth was designed to allow low bandwidth wireless
connections to become easy to use so even those who
are new to wireless can use them. Version 1.1 of
Bluetooth describes a low power, short range wireless
networking technology that uses radio waves to send
data at rates up to 720 kilobits a second.


The specification for Bluetooth provides for different
classes of radio that allow transmission ranges of
up to 100 meters by boosting the radio power. The
technology of Bluetooth isn’t limited to line of
sight transmission since it uses directional waves
that are capable of transmitting through many

Bluetooth is an industry standard communication of
wireless, meaning that it enables the connection
of other devices as well, such as cell phones,
computers, digital cameras, and other types of
electronic devices. The specification of Bluetooth
defines a radio system and a “stack” of protocol
layers and profiles. The highest layer is the
application layer, while the lowest layer is the

The wireless technology of Bluetooth is positioned
to revolutionize the personal connectivity market
by providing freedom from inconvenient fixed type

The specification for Bluetooth eliminates the need
for cables by providing a small form factor, low
cost wireless solution that will link computers,
cell phones, and other electronics. Bluetooth
also allows users to connect many ranges of devices
quickly and easily and expands communications
capabilities as well.

The size of the Bluetooth radio is amazing, as a
Bluetooth radio can be built into one or two very
small microchips then integrated into any electronic
device where wireless operations would be an

Bluetooth also offers a robust link, which ensures
that normal operating circumstances are not
interrupted by interference from other signals
that are operating in the same frequency band.

Also known for its worldwide operation, Bluetooth
radio operates in the 2.4 GHz frequency band, which
is license free and available to any type of
radio system in the world. No matter where you
are in the world, you count on Bluetooth to work.

Security is also important. Offering advanced
security mechanisms, Bluetooth ensures a high level
of security. Therefore, authentification will
prevent unauthorized acess to important data and
make it very difficult to listen in.

Bluetooth also boasts power optimization. The radio
is power friendly and the software for Bluetooth
is very configurable, limiting the power consumption
of equipment. The radio itself only consumes a
small amount of power from a cellular phone.

Since early January when Steve Jobs announced the new Apple iPhone, people have been waiting anxiously to get their hands on the new mobile device. Jobs has long said the release would come in June, but was coy when asked about a specific date. The latest news from Apple is to expect the iPhone in late-June. With the Apple WWDC set to take place on June 11th, the hype surrounding this new Apple cellphone is starting to amp up. Rumors regarding a release date have included June 11th, June 20th and June 29th. These come from various sources including AT&T sales reps and even CNBC’s On The Money. No one knows for sure.

Not only does this affect consumers, but also those manufacturers producing accessories for the iPhone. Customers who are paying upwards of $500 or more to own this new technology are sure to be looking for a case for their iPhone and they may have to wait. Expect a multitude of iPhone accessories to be releases when Apple does finally release the iPhone. When that is, we just don’t know, but June is around the corner.

Since the last part of the 20th century mobile phone companies have been fighting for you to sign on the dotted line and commit the next 12 months of your life to them. Free minutes, free texts and handsets have been the traditional lure, indeed the consumer allowances have been growing steadily over the years as the cost of calling decreases.

Comparing the market can be difficult, when your contract is up for renewal. Do you stick with your current provider, or do you hunt for a new deal and take your number with you? Best Mobile phone Contracts helps you compare mobile contracts, quickly and easily. There is also a handy mobile tariff price comparison table that lets you see who is the cheapest provider for your needs.

Their Mobile phone blog is also pretty handy for keeping up with the latest developments. If you’re into the latest and greatest mobile phones it’s worth checking this one out. They usually have the first word on all things mobile!

Intel CEO Paul Otellini touted ultramobile handsets as one of the most promising markets for Linux and other Unix derivatives, such as Mac OS X. “Where I see Linux as an opportunity is in ultramobile handsets,” he said. “These things are much more inclined to be a Linux or a Unix derivative kind of product like OS X.”

Apple’s iPhone is forcing a new wave of mobile device innovation, and validates the superiority of Unix-like systems on mobile devices over Windows, claimed Intel chief executive Paul Otellini.

“Virtually every computer and handset manufacturer on the planet is struggling to figure out how to compete with Apple,” Otellini said at the Morgan Stanley Technology Conference in San Francisco.

Apple’s forthcoming iPhone offers far more features than competing mobile phones, and Otellini believes that handset manufacturers will have to switch to more powerful yet energy-efficient processors to compete.

Intel is developing an ultra low power micro-architecture with integrated graphics that will be able to power mobile devices with mere milliwatts of power. The first version of the chip is slated for release later this year.

The chip features the same architecture as existing server and desktop systems, and will be able to run all existing applications and services.

“If we get power and price down to the right point, I think it is a killer silicon compilation to these kinds of devices,” said Otellini.

Intel spun off its mobile phone chip business last year to the Marvell Technology Group. It has been suggested that Apple’s iPhone will run a Marvell Xscale processor.

Apple has not disclosed the hardware Relevant Products/Services specifications of the iPhone, but has said that it will be running a special version of the OS X operating system that powers Mac systems.

Otellini touted ultramobile handsets as one of the most promising markets for Linux and other Unix derivatives such as OS X.

Microsoft Relevant Products/Services has been unable to meet Intel’s requests to create a Windows version that performs well in the mobile space, he claimed.

“Where I see Linux as an opportunity is in ultramobile handsets. These things are much more inclined to be a Linux or a Unix derivative kind of product like OS X,” said Otellini.

“The power performance footprint in terms of the kernel for Linux for ultramobile is quite good as opposed to the footprint for Vista.

“You can get Windows CE in there, but you sure can’t get Windows Vista in there as a small kernel version, which we are nudging [Microsoft] to do. We would like to see Microsoft do a much more power-optimized, form factor-optimized kernel.”

Windows CE comes in a smaller version for use in embedded devices such as set-top boxes. Microsoft has also developed a special version of the software for mobile phones marketed as Windows Mobile.

But Windows CE fails to meet the feature demands of so-called ultramobile PCs, offering full PC functionality as well as all day battery life.

Microsoft and Intel unveiled a first version of such an ultra mobile PC last year codenamed Origami. Although it generated much initial hype, the device was considered a poorly engineered first version.

N-Gage -

Nokia today announced the latest games and publishers for its new N-Gage mobile gaming platform. Updated software development tools for the N-Gage platform and a new testing program for SNAP Mobile’s Java platform were also introduced today at the conference.

Nokia introduced a range of games for the new mobile gaming platform including Gameloft’s Asphalt 3, Street Rules, Brothers In Arms, Hell’s Highway, Brain Challenge, Midnight Pool and EA Mobile’s FIFA 2008.

Games publishers Glu Mobile, Indiagames and THQ Wireless will be publishing a selection of mobile games and content for the N-Gage games platform. The first Glu title for the platform will be World Series of Poker Texas Hold’em (WSOP), which allows players to compete at tables with up to eight mobile gamers against WSOP champions such as Chris “Jesus” Ferguson and Scott Fischman.

Nokia also launched its next generation software development kit (SDK 1.0) for the new N-Gage games platform, which enables developers to focus on one code-base to create social connected games across a range of Nokia S60 3rd edition devices. The new N-Gage Zone provides all the tools, documentation, support and updates required to successfully develop games for the N-Gage games platform.

Nokia furthers its Java development activities by ensuring all SNAP Mobile connected games offer a consistent game-playing experience with the SNAP Mobile Compliance Testing Program, announced today. This program limits costs by combining a self-testing process with a traditional certification program. It also lowers the barrier of entry to this process and enables growth of high-quality game development by publishers and developers who have signed up for the SNAP Mobile Platform.

During GDC, SNAP Mobile and Forum Nokia will reveal the winners of the Nokia and SingTel Multiplayer Game Quest. Launched in June 2006, this multiplayer Java game development contest on the SNAP Mobile platform encouraged Forum Nokia PRO developers worldwide to develop multiplayer and cross-platform games for Java-enabled devices in one of three categories: cross-platform games, multiplayer games for males, and multiplayer games for females. Winners will receive cash awards, Nokia devices and promotion for their games from Nokia and SingTel Mobile.

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