August 2007

I came across with 2 hottest coupon codes for Lunarpages Hosting.

Coupon #1 – TakeOff25Add2
Coupon #2 – 27PercentOff

Lunarpages Web Hosting

But before anything else, here’s an overview of Lunarpages’ Basic Hosting Plan…

* 350 GB Storage
* 3500 GB Transfer
* FREE Setup
* FREE Domain Name
* Web Statistics
* E-Commerce Enabled
* Fantastico Scripts
* FrontPage Extensions
* 24/7 Legendary Support
* Unlimited Email & Databases
* 99% Up-Time Guarantee
* Host 11 Sites on 1 Plan
* Money Back Guarantee
* Learn More…

Now back to the coupons.

Coupon #1 – TakeOff25Add2
(best for 1-year order)

Get $25 OFF your hosting bill AND 2 extra months for FREE at the SAME TIME! Valid for all 1-year and 2-year order.

If you order for 1 year, you only need to pay $70.40 and you will get 14 months of hosting! The averaged monthly fee will become $5.03 for 14 months!

Price Before Discount $95.40
$25 Off Using Coupon -$25.00
Total Price After Discount

(+2 months free)

If you order for 2 years, you need to pay $141.80 and you will get 26 months of hosting. The averaged monthly fee will become $5.45 for 26 months! But don’t use this coupon when you order for 2 years! Get more savings using coupon #2.

Coupon #2 – 27PercentOff
(best for 2-year order)

Instead of a flat $25 off from the 1st coupon, this coupon actually gives you 27% off your total bill. Valid for all 1-year and 2-year order.

If you are signing up for 1 year, it is smarter to use the first coupon TakeOff25Add2. However, if you are signing up for 2 years, use this coupon!

Price Before Discount $166.80
25% Off Using Coupon -$45.04
Total Price After Discount


The averaged monthly price will become $5.07 for 24 months.

Since the discount is calculated based on total bill, all purchases of add-ons such as domain privacy, Java support, ASP support, dedicated IP and premium restore service will give you further discount. This coupon will also give you significant discount for the business plans and Windows plans.

Why it is wiser to order for 2 years and use Coupon #2?

If you order for 1 year and use coupon #1, your averaged price is $5 but you get 14 months of hosting only. You have to renew your account after 14 months and you will need to pay the normal hosting fee of $7.95/month thereafter.

If you order for 2 years and use coupon #2, your averaged price is also $5 but you actually get 24 months of hosting! And you only need to renew after 24 months and at a cheaper rate of $6.95/month.

Take the 24-month plan. You will be hosting with them for a long time. And because they allow you to host 11 websites in 1 single account, you can always add more websites later without paying a single cent for hosting anymore.


Linksys now has a Wireless-G USB adapter with a built-in WiFi finder allowing you to locate a hotspot without having to boot up your laptop.

The Wi-Fi Finder detects Wireless-G and Wireless-B networks with a simple push of a button. It displays all pertinent information such as the wireless network’s name (SSID), signal strength, the channel used, and whether wireless security is enabled or not. The information is displayed on an easy-to-read LCD display and can be set up to look for only open networks, all networks, or a specific named network. Discovered networks are listed in order of signal strength.

The adapter also uses search technology that’s smart enough to filter out 2.4GHz interference from microwaves, cordless phones or even Bluetooth devices meaning you’ll only get a list of actual Wireless-G and B networks.


Coupon Code for the month of August 2007: NEWSWORTHY

Expiration: 31st August 2007
Details: $0.89 off on selected TLD domains registration or transfer