April 2007

The previously public usergroups – PR Managers, Theme Artists, and Graphic Artists are no longer joinable groups. These groups along with Symbianize Gurus will now serve as acknowledgment or classification for members who made special contributions to Symbianize. These contributions may require some skills, knowledge, sincerity and determination.Inclusion to the group depends on member’s posts. Below are some guidelines on how members are classified.

Symbianize Gurus – members who help other members on their inquiries (mostly technical). Those who provide tips and tutorials are also candidates for this group.

PR Managers – members who constantly help Symbianize grow by promoting and referring it to other non-members. Number of referrals and links from other sites (posts from Promote Symbianize) is also part of the criteria for this group.

Theme Artists – members who are skilled in making phone themes using the Nokia Theme Studio or other official theme making software and willing to share their creations.

Graphic Artists – members with sufficient knowledge on photo editing and graphic design and willing to share their creations.

To complete the list, here are the 3 other groups…

Elite Members – members with significant forum contributions to Symbianize. Those who earned 500 or more reputation points automatically promoted to this group.

Symbianize VIPs – members who made financial contributions to Symbianize. Their donations help the site to pay for ever increasing bandwidth cost, hosting fees, and avail added services for the benefit of everyone.

Moderators – moderate the forums to maintain orderliness and uphold the Forum Guidelines. Some may consider them as the most powerful users in any Forum since they can manage any post or thread within their assigned forums or sections and may ban any member. A member must be friendly, fair, tolerant, familiar with the forum guidelines, and possesses forum awareness to qualify for this group. Reporting bad posts increases the chances of being chosen, warnings or infractions decreases those chances.

Unlike the previous setup, inclusion to the group is now permanent. Except of course if a member is banned or no longer active for a very long time. Since group membership is now permanent and requires no tasks or responsibility, the promotion will take longer than usual (compared to the previous setup for PRMs, GAs, and TAs). With this new system, hopefully members will focus on Symbianize’s main purpose which is helping and sharing, and not just distinction or title.

Intel CEO Paul Otellini touted ultramobile handsets as one of the most promising markets for Linux and other Unix derivatives, such as Mac OS X. “Where I see Linux as an opportunity is in ultramobile handsets,” he said. “These things are much more inclined to be a Linux or a Unix derivative kind of product like OS X.”

Apple’s iPhone is forcing a new wave of mobile device innovation, and validates the superiority of Unix-like systems on mobile devices over Windows, claimed Intel chief executive Paul Otellini.

“Virtually every computer and handset manufacturer on the planet is struggling to figure out how to compete with Apple,” Otellini said at the Morgan Stanley Technology Conference in San Francisco.

Apple’s forthcoming iPhone offers far more features than competing mobile phones, and Otellini believes that handset manufacturers will have to switch to more powerful yet energy-efficient processors to compete.

Intel is developing an ultra low power micro-architecture with integrated graphics that will be able to power mobile devices with mere milliwatts of power. The first version of the chip is slated for release later this year.

The chip features the same architecture as existing server and desktop systems, and will be able to run all existing applications and services.

“If we get power and price down to the right point, I think it is a killer silicon compilation to these kinds of devices,” said Otellini.

Intel spun off its mobile phone chip business last year to the Marvell Technology Group. It has been suggested that Apple’s iPhone will run a Marvell Xscale processor.

Apple has not disclosed the hardware Relevant Products/Services specifications of the iPhone, but has said that it will be running a special version of the OS X operating system that powers Mac systems.

Otellini touted ultramobile handsets as one of the most promising markets for Linux and other Unix derivatives such as OS X.

Microsoft Relevant Products/Services has been unable to meet Intel’s requests to create a Windows version that performs well in the mobile space, he claimed.

“Where I see Linux as an opportunity is in ultramobile handsets. These things are much more inclined to be a Linux or a Unix derivative kind of product like OS X,” said Otellini.

“The power performance footprint in terms of the kernel for Linux for ultramobile is quite good as opposed to the footprint for Vista.

“You can get Windows CE in there, but you sure can’t get Windows Vista in there as a small kernel version, which we are nudging [Microsoft] to do. We would like to see Microsoft do a much more power-optimized, form factor-optimized kernel.”

Windows CE comes in a smaller version for use in embedded devices such as set-top boxes. Microsoft has also developed a special version of the software for mobile phones marketed as Windows Mobile.

But Windows CE fails to meet the feature demands of so-called ultramobile PCs, offering full PC functionality as well as all day battery life.

Microsoft and Intel unveiled a first version of such an ultra mobile PC last year codenamed Origami. Although it generated much initial hype, the device was considered a poorly engineered first version.

First of all, below are the services and features offered by Lunarpages Hosting for $6.95 per month on a 24-month plan.


30-day money back guarantee
350 GB Storage Space
3500 GB/Month Bandwidth per Month
cPanel, 10 Add-On Domains, Unlimited Features
Microsoft® FrontPage® Extensions
MySQL and postgre SQL Database
FTP Accounts and CGI-BIN
Ruby on Rails, PHP, PERL, PHYTON Support
SSI – Server Side Includes
Customizable Error Pages
E-mail Accounts, Forwarding, Auto Responders
Web Mail, Mailing List, Spam Protection, Catch-All Address
Fantastico Script Library
Streaming Audio/Video Support
Real Media Audio/Video, Flash, Macromedia Shockwave Support
MIDI File Support, Own Mime Types

Who would not be amazed of those services and features. Perhaps none since even us gave LP a shot.

But, don’t use Lunarpages hosting if you’re a non-US user who prefer paypal payment in US dollars. Lunarpages uses Stratocash as its own payment processor. We’re from Canada and we usually do transactions using paypal as mode of payment since it is widely used by most merchants. When we signed up for a new LP account we were assessed in USD. Then Stratocash automatically converted our bill into our country’s currency, Canadian dollars. And since the primary currency of our paypal balance is USD, we are need to convert our USD into CAD to pay our bill. On those two conversions (Stratocash and paypal), we paid 21 USD in addition to our actual bill. So unless you are willing to pay for unnecessary conversion charges, don’t use payment processors such as paypal, e-gold, and the like to pay for your LP bill. Or else you may want to try looking for another host that accepts direct paypal to paypal transaction.

Don’t use Lunarpages hosting if you prefer to monitor your site’s statistics using awstats. LP doesn’t have awstats installed.

And lastly, don’t use Lunarpages hosting if you would like to avail for the money-back guarantee as soon as possible. After trying their service for a couple of days, we found ourselves unsatisfied with LP’s hosting, so we asked for a money-back guarantee. And from the day we asked for a refund, it took around 3 weeks before we finally get our money back.

Have you ever wanted to make a customized self-extracting executable? You already have the tool. IExpress’ wizard will step you through the process, and in a matter of minutes, you’ll have something ready for download. To use IExpress, open the Run box and type, “iexpress.exe”.

Microsoft Word Script Editor
You know how annoying it can be when, in the middle of typing a document, suddenly a paragraph’s formatting changes. Argh! I didn’t want to do that! How can I stop this from happening? Look no further than the built-in script editor. Open it by pressing Alt + Shift + F11 on your keyboard. Newer Word documents are done in XML, so you can easily edit the source to your heart’s content.

Vintage Windows Media Player
If you’re like me, you hate the new Windows Media Player. Sure, it’s skinnable, but it also sucks up a lot of resources. Did you know the old one is still there? Yep, it’s now called “mplayer2.exe”. Just type the name in the Run box.

On-screen keyboard
Keyboard stuck? Don’t wanna reboot? Use the on-screen keyboard. It’s an accessibility tool, but it’ll work just as well for anybody. To get to it, open the Windows folder, then open the System32 folder. The application is in this folder, and it’s called, “osk.exe”.

Instant messaging is fun, but what if you don’t want to install any of that kind of software on your machine? Launch Winchat, and then connect with another buddy on your network (your buddy also has to run Winchat). It’s not incredibly useful, but still, it’s there. To use Winchat, open the Run box and type, “winchat.exe”.

Get more processing power
In the Run box, type, “Rundll32.exe advapi32.dll,ProcessIdleTasks”. This frees up any idle tasks running in the background so that XP devotes its full attention to what you want it to do.

Taken from the show “The Screensavers”

WordPress Web Installer by Vladimir Ghetau is a nice little tool which will help you setup a wordpress blog on your hosting account.
It will setup the wordpress blogging platform for you in seconds, and it will also setup the database tables, so you can enjoy your blog once you click the “Install WordPress” button.

WordPress Web Installer: http://www.installity.com

Week ago, <a href=”http://www.symbianize.com” title=”Exclusive Pinoy Chat, Mobile, and PC Community”>Symbianize</a> underwent a few setback during its major update. The site became unavailable for 5 days. This was when Symbianize moved to another host, servage.net. The site experienced a lot of difficulties on the new found host.


But foremost, here’s the overview of Servage web hosting service.

Technical Overview
– Powerful Clustered Servers
Intel DUAL XEON Processors, SCSI Hard Drives, 12 GB Ram etc.)
– 24/7 Expert Helpdesk – Major Bandwidth Providers
– 24/7 Server Monitoring – 99.98% Server Uptime
– Linux Operating System – Secure Server (SSL) Included
Host Unlimited Websites! Free Whois Privacy (Optional)
Mail Features
– Unlimited POP3 Mailboxes – Unlimited IMAP Mailboxes
– Unlimited E-Mail Forwarders – SMTP Server
– Online Mail Access (Webmail) – Catch-All Mailbox
– Spam Filtering – Unlimited Mailing Lists
Web features
– 360 GB Web Space (360000 MB) – 3600 GB Transfer
– Unlimited FTP Accounts – FTP Access
– 1000 MySQL Databases (v4 & v5) – FTPS (Encrypted FTP)
– PHP v4.4.4 & PHP v5.2.1 – GD Support
– Shockwave & Flash – Microsoft Frontpage Support
– Custom Error Pages – WAP Enabled
– XML Support – Mod_Rewrite Enabled
– EXIF Support – CGI/Perl
– SSI Support – Python Support
– Private CGI-BIN – ionCube Loader
– Zend Optimizer – Run Zend Encoded Scripts
– Optional Hotlink Protection – CURL Enabled
– PHPMyAdmin – Webbuilder Software Included
– ImageMagick Support – Netpbm Support
– Ruby on Rails – Wildcard Domains
– Password Protected Directories – Full .htaccess & .htpasswd Support
Additional Features (included)
– Web Based Administration Panel – Full DNS Management
– 1 New Domain Included (or transfer) – Multiple Domain Hosting
– Unlimited Subdomains – Own Cronjobs
– Online Web Statistics – Online Filemanager
– Automatic Script Installer – Servage WebDrive (S:)

At first glance, Servage seems to be the right host for your high resource demanding site. For only $6.45 per month, you’ll get a generous 360 gigabytes (additional 30gb if coupon code is provided) webspace, 3,600 gigabytes monthly bandwidth, and unlimited features. Sounds like oversell? You be the judge. But all we can say is that Servage is not the right host for Symbianize and we do not personally recommend it to our close friends and colleagues.

Don’t use Servage hosting if your site demands ImageMagick. Though they claim to have ImageMagick Support, after opening a couple of support tickets, they still couldn’t provide us with the proper ImageMagick path for our image scripts particularly the ones we used on our vBulletin board.

Don’t use Servage hosting if you would like to send verification emails or any other email for that matter to your site members who are using yahoo and hotmail accounts. After running a couple of tests, we found out that Servage has difficulty in sending mails to yahoo and hotmail users.

Don’t use Servage hosting if you plan to ask for assistance on moving your site from your old host to their server. During pre-sales, the Sales Department told us that they are willing to lend a hand on moving our site to them. But when we were already there, our ticket concerning the site transfer was on hold for several days eventhough we provided them the neccessary information including the FTP or login details.

Don’t use Servage hosting if you prefer monitoring your site statistics via AWStats since they dont have AWStats.

Don’t use Servage hosting if you want an instant connect to FTP using your favorite FTP client. Usually you will be connected only after 3 to 8 tries.

Don’t use Servage hosting if you prefer cPanel. They are using a custom control panel designed by them and its a bit uneasy to adjust if you are used to cPanel.

And lastly, don’t use Servage hosting if you would like to try them first for a week or two. They only offer a scanty 5-day money back guarantee.

All of the statements above are based on our personal experience after trying their service for 4 days. We don’t know what other problems may occur along the way since we dont want to go beyond the money-back guarantee period and be unsatisfactorily stuck to their service for one year. But don’t get us wrong, Servage might be a good host for others who doesn’t demand the same requirements as us, and the problems that we encountered might already been resolved.

And in fairness, one good thing i liked the most about their service is the importation of database. You could import any size of database via the file manager which is faster than the conventional way of importing on phpMyAdmin.