March 2007

N-Gage -

Nokia today announced the latest games and publishers for its new N-Gage mobile gaming platform. Updated software development tools for the N-Gage platform and a new testing program for SNAP Mobile’s Java platform were also introduced today at the conference.

Nokia introduced a range of games for the new mobile gaming platform including Gameloft’s Asphalt 3, Street Rules, Brothers In Arms, Hell’s Highway, Brain Challenge, Midnight Pool and EA Mobile’s FIFA 2008.

Games publishers Glu Mobile, Indiagames and THQ Wireless will be publishing a selection of mobile games and content for the N-Gage games platform. The first Glu title for the platform will be World Series of Poker Texas Hold’em (WSOP), which allows players to compete at tables with up to eight mobile gamers against WSOP champions such as Chris “Jesus” Ferguson and Scott Fischman.

Nokia also launched its next generation software development kit (SDK 1.0) for the new N-Gage games platform, which enables developers to focus on one code-base to create social connected games across a range of Nokia S60 3rd edition devices. The new N-Gage Zone provides all the tools, documentation, support and updates required to successfully develop games for the N-Gage games platform.

Nokia furthers its Java development activities by ensuring all SNAP Mobile connected games offer a consistent game-playing experience with the SNAP Mobile Compliance Testing Program, announced today. This program limits costs by combining a self-testing process with a traditional certification program. It also lowers the barrier of entry to this process and enables growth of high-quality game development by publishers and developers who have signed up for the SNAP Mobile Platform.

During GDC, SNAP Mobile and Forum Nokia will reveal the winners of the Nokia and SingTel Multiplayer Game Quest. Launched in June 2006, this multiplayer Java game development contest on the SNAP Mobile platform encouraged Forum Nokia PRO developers worldwide to develop multiplayer and cross-platform games for Java-enabled devices in one of three categories: cross-platform games, multiplayer games for males, and multiplayer games for females. Winners will receive cash awards, Nokia devices and promotion for their games from Nokia and SingTel Mobile.

For those who doesnt know yet, Digg has already updated its TOS…


As a condition of use, you promise not to use the Services for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these Terms of Use, or any other purpose not reasonably intended by Digg.

By way of example, and not as a limitation, you agree not to use the Services:

9. with the intention of artificially inflating or altering the ‘digg count’, blog count, comments, or any other Digg service, including by way of creating separate user accounts for the purpose of artificially altering Digg’s services; giving or receiving money or other remuneration in exchange for votes; or participating in any other organized effort that in any way artificially alters the results of Digg’s services.

Digg may remove any Content and Digg accounts at any time for any reason (including, but not limited to, upon receipt of claims or allegations from third parties or authorities relating to such Content), or for no reason at all. To report Terms of Use abuse, please email:

December 9, 2007, when Symbianize Forums opens its doors to Pinoy users not only in the Philippines but also across the globe. Filipinos from different regions and speaking different dialects but sharing the same interests are gathered in one site exclusively made for Filipinos.

And after 3 marvelous months, Symbianize now has 1,000 members. And its only the beginning. Symbianize aims to consolidate all Pinoys from different sites that shares common interests. That’s why Symbianize encourage members to participate more and give their comments and suggestions for the betterment of the site and to possibly attain its goal in no time. 😉

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IO Gear has released the Digital Scribe device that turns your handwriting into a digital format when connected to your notebook or PC. It uses an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software to do the conversion, and IO Gear claims that the software has an accuracy rate of 99%. You use the digital pen to write or draw stuff down on a piece of regular paper in front of the Digital Scribe module where the same written/drawn data will appear on screen. The digital pen comes with regular ink cartridges which can be replaced when empty. I tried drawing a cartoon which was reproduced pretty accurately on screen, but the OCR software was not installed at the presentation booth. I am not too sure about why anyone would want to write something down on a piece of paper when seated in front of the PC as it would be much more convenient to boot up a word processor and type it all down instead. Anyhow, the Digital Scribe is available in two formats – a wired model and a wireless one. The wired model will retail for $49 while the wireless version would set you back by an additional $50.

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The SnoopStick is a USB flash drive apparently designed with the intent of allowing parents or employers to keep an eye on what their kids or employees are doing online. Just plug the SnoopStick into any USB equipped PC you want to monitor and then run the setup program which takes about 60 seconds. The software that gets installed is completely invisible leaving no evidence that the system is being watched or monitored.

Once installed on a system you can then monitor that computer’s online activities anywhere in the world by simply plugging the SnoopStick into your own PC. You can see what websites have been visited, check who or where emails have been sent and even read IM conversations as they happen in real time. The SnoopStick will even store up to 12 months of activity logs if you don’t want to keep an eye on the other computer all the time or if you happen to need a bit of evidence later on.

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It’s actually called the “Home Theater Watch,” but that’s somewhat of a misnomer, seeing as the screen that this watch features is only an inch and a half in size. Nothing wrong with that, though… It is, after all, a watch. The 2 gigs of onboard memory should handle at least one movie. The watch hooks up to your computer via USB, and can also play back picture slideshows and audio files.

Although software is included to convert some types of video files (including AVI, WMV, MPEG, and VCD) into watch video format (whatever that is), there’s no information given about battery life. It would be nice, too, if instead of the 2GB of built in memory, there was an SD card slot.

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Most of our keyboards are powered when plugged into the computer, but how many of them actually harness the power of the sun? The Genius SlimStar 820 boasts a solar panel that juices up the built-in battery, helping you save on your power bill in the process. Granted, the amount of energy consumed is marginal, but imagine what would happen if everybody across the globe did the same thing? Millions could be saved each year, where the money can then be channeled for other altruistic causes. In the event where there is not enough light, the keyboard will automatically be powered by the USB cable charger.

New to website building and you dont have enough cash yet to go for a shared hosting? Try this free non-ads webhosting provider…

Technical Overview
110MB is powered by Quad Intel Xeon Servers operating in a cluster-based environment. In plain english: lots of servers connected together, rather then 1 server which hosts all the members as is true for 99% of free hosts, since they can’t afford extra servers. Meaning that if one 110MB server goes down temporarily, your site will be entirely unaffected — ensuring maximum data protection and uptime for your site.
– 24/7 Expert Helpdesk & Forums for Instant Answers – Major Bandwidth Providers (non COGENT!)
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Web features
– 2 GB (2000 MB) Web Space – 100 GB (100,000 MB) Monthly Transfer
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– MySQL Database (v5.0) – GD Lib Fully Functional
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– Shockwave & Flash – Run Zend Encoded Scripts (Zend Optimizer)
– XML Support – CURL Enabled
– SSI Support ** – Web Based File manager/FTP
– ImageMagick Support – PHPMyAdmin
– Zlib Enabled – Run IonCube encoded PHP scripts
– Total CGI and Perl Scripts Support (.cgi, .pl) * ** – ASP Pages support (.asp) **
– Python support (TorrentFlux is not allowed!) ** – IceCast support **
– FrontPage Extensions ** – Curl **
– DOM XML support ** – Sendmail *
– Safe Mode OFF * – Push-Button Application Installer (supports 20+ CMS/forum scripts)

* means that those features are only available for members that provide proof of ID.
** means it’s definitely planned to be activated between June-Aug 07.

Additional Features (included)
– Online File Manager (Unzip compressed files right on the server!) – No footer or header ads on your site. Infact no traces of any form of advertising on your site.
– Easy to use management panel – Daily backups of your data.

You may visit them here… Though they are currently unstable due to on-going upgrades and tuning up.

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