Nokia has just unveiled the HF-300 speakerphone that was specially designed for those who hit the road frequently, as evident by the sun visor clip that mounts it above your head complete with a battery to eliminate the need for a car charger. You can also place the HF-300 on the dashboard or desk, since its rubber feet prevent it from slipping all too easily. The Nokia HF-300 boasts up to 20 hours of continuous talktime, preserving energy by turning itself off after 5 minutes without a Bluetooth connection.

Kimi Raikkonen has become the 2007 Formula One World Champion.


In a hectic race where each of the top three could have won it, it was Raikkonen who led his team mate over the finish line to win his first Brazilian race and his first world champion. After so many close attempts, Kimi is a worthy champion, and after his convincing display today around Autodromo Carlos Pace, McLaren will be kicking themselves for letting it slip away. From the first lap, it looked as though Ferrari would dominate, but what happened over the course of the Grand Prix wasn’t what was expected.

From the start, the Ferrari’s led the rest through turn one thanks to a superb start from Kimi Raikkonen. The McLaren’s were left to squabble among themselves, doing their best to warn off the charges from Mark Webber in the Red Bull. From here on in, Fernando Alonso appeared to move backwards and Lewis Hamilton went even further backwards. A couple of corners later and Hamilton overcooked his retaliation to Alonso, running horrendously wide and losing out. By the time he crossed the start/finish Hamilton was back in 8th. Seemingly over for the Briton, seemingly good for the Spaniard. Not bad for the Finn.


And then the hearts of every Hamilton fan sank. The McLaren slowed down the back straight. Seriously slowed. It looked as though Lewis might be about to retire, to pull his MP4-22 off to the side of the circuit. But after a brief period of cruising, he managed to solve the problem, or the problem simply solved itself. His McLaren found pace again, but he was back down in 18th position. Kimi and Fernando must have been thanking their lucky stars.

Lewis then set about picking off his rivals, one by one. Occasionally he would come across a difficult competitor, but he was making headway through the field. Conversely, at the front the Ferrari’s slowly increased the margin over Alonso. The only thing that could have scuppered the hard work of the leading trio was a safety car. When Giancarlo Fisichella skated across the gravel and shot back onto the track, Sakon Yamamoto suddenly came face to face with the rear wing of the Renault. With little being able to do, the Spyker mounted the back of the R27 and both drivers retired. No safety car though, the marshals were too good. Instead,m Lewis charged on while Fernando saw Raikkonen get ever smaller ahead of him.

In fact, Alonso fell so far back from the leading duo that it wasn’t long before Robert Kubica was all over the back of the McLaren, attempting left and right to get by. However, the Pole wasn’t to become too much of an irritance to the championship battle as he was on a three-stopper, much like Lewis Hamilton was now. The contender ad his strategy switched and spent the middle part of the race on soft tyres, each of his main rivals opting the leave the soft option until last. The three stopping formula really hampered Lewis’s chances of claiming the title, despite all the upsets he occurred in between the start and the finish.

After the second round of stops for the conventional strategists, Massa had relinquished his lead to his team mate. All they had to do was run to the end and the title would be Raikkonen’s. And that is exactly what happened. A pretty heavy accident from Heikki Kovalainen could have upset the proceedings a little, but again the marshals were just too quick on the job and the second Renault was removed without drama.

Sutil (ending the Spyker team’s contribution to Formula One), Mark Webber (again), both Hondas and Sebastian Vettel.

Of the successes, aside from the obvious, was Kazuki Nakajima. The Japanese driver managed to haul his Williams into tenth, although the route he chose was somewhat interesting. His first pit stop saw to engineers being carted off to the medical centre as Nakajima locked his front right pulling in to the box. Team members were sent flying, but thankfully it only appears to be a minor back injury for one and an equally minor leg injury for another. Nakajima’s second stop went better.

And so, the Brazilian Grand Prix held the finale to one of the most dramatic seasons in Formula One history. Full of controversy and embarrasment, penalties and successes. And on top of the world is a deserving driver who has finally managed to fulfill his childhood dream. I can honestly say I don’t think one driver deserved it as much!


The WildCharge wireless charging mat gets plugged into an outlet, and any electronic device placed on it gets juiced up through the magic of electromagnetic induction. Yeah, electric toothbrushes have been doing this for some time, but it looks like it’s about to make the long overdue jump into mainstream gadgetry. The obvious downside at this point is that you have to get an adapter for each of your devices to allow them to take advantage of the induction field, unless you already have something that’s WildCharge enabled.

The pad itself is a svelte sub-0.1″ thin, and will charge as many gadgets as you can stuff onto it. There are a few missing specs, such as exactly how much power this thing can pump out. The cost hasn’t been released, but it should be available “at a cost competitive with standard aftermarket cellular phone or laptop computer chargers.”

In April 2007, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
approved certain domain registries to increase their prices. Domain registries
are the private companies which manage the registration, technical operations,
and control the allocation policies of the TLD’s for which they are

Domain registries VeriSign(.com, .net tld’s), Afilias(.info tld),
Neulevel (.biz tld) and Public Interest Registry(.org tld) applied for and
received price increases and have announced they will be raising their
wholesale prices to all registrars including NameCheap.


In light of that decision, will be adjusting its pricing on
Sunday, October 14, 2007 as follows:

.com domain renewals, transfers and new registrations: Old pricing $8.88, new pricing $9.29 per year
.net domain renewals, transfers and new registrations: Old pricing $8.88, new pricing $9.29 per year
.org domain renewals, transfers and new registrations: Old pricing $8.88, new pricing $9.29 per year
.info domain renewals, transfers and new registrations: Old pricing $8.88, new pricing $9.29 per year
.biz domain renewals, transfers and new registrations: Old pricing $8.88, new pricing $9.29 per year

When building your own website there are a few things to consider. If you know nothing about web design, you will need to pay someone to design it exactly the way you want. Make sure you use a reputable source so you are not wasting your money. Be very picky about choosing your domain name. Make sure it is short, sweet and memorable. One popular site you can visit to check what domains are available is This is also a good site to see who owns a particular domain you are interested. If the owner is not using the domain, you can offer to purchase it from them.

Probably one of the most important factors in an internet company is choosing a very good web host. If your web site goes down, you are completely out of business. When searching for a web host company make sure they have secure server capabilities, fast servers, lots of space, unrestricted CGI access, SSH and FTP access, web-based administration, access to raw server logs, full email services, power and daily server backups, and no minimum contracts. You may want to test their technical support and see if they offer services, scripts, and software. Inquire about their downtime and how long they have been in business. Make sure you are not being charged for the extra services.

When a customer visits your website, you want them to see professionalism, knowledge and fast connections. If your visitors notice advertisements from your free or low cost web host server they will perceive your site to be unprofessional and very small time. Slow connection speeds will definitely lose customers and cost you much money. So, choose your web host server carefully and you will be well on your way to creating a website that will attract all types of visitors.


Sony is giving the competition something to think about with its 2.5″ OLED screen made from a glass substrate, enabling you to bend the screen casually. This wafer-thin display will probably find practical use inside futuristic, high-tech magazines as an advertisement channel or other social products such as cellphones. Organic TFT technology is utilized to keep the clarity intact despite measuring just 0.3mm thick. This flexi-OLED display has a resolution of 120 x 169 pixels and weighs a mere 1.5 grams.


Coupon Code for the month of October 2007: ROCKTOBER

Expiration: 14th October 2007
Details: $0.90 off on selected TLD domains registration/transfer

This month, October 2007, after years of waiting and numerous petitions, PayPal Philippine Accounts are now given the option to receive funds from other PayPal users and debit or credit cardholders. This is great changed for those who wish to earn money online. As we all know, PayPal is the leading or should i say the most common and widely use payment processor across the globe.

With that big development, PayPal Philippine accounts can now send, receive, and withdraw funds. However, unverified accounts are limited to receive a total of $100. To lift this limit, the user should verify his account. To do this you will be needing a credit card. For those who doesn’t have a credit card for whatever reason, he could provide a vitual credit card (VCC) instead. VCCs are now widely use to verify accounts. Its legit since PayPal allow such prepaid cards. But unlike a real credit card, VCC has a very short expiration time so you will have to have purchase another one if you wish to preserve your verified status.


Fancy storing all 13 security applications to keep your computer safe and sound from nasty external attacks and viruses on a single USB flash drive? Yoggie Security Systems has just released such a device known as the Yoggie Pico, giving computer users (notebook or otherwise) full corporate level Internet protection from all types of hacking, virus, malware, worms and other attacks – both current and future – while boosting computer performance by saving CPU, memory and disk space. Prices start from $180 onwards, depending on the Personal or Pro versions.

Google Adsense provides advertisers and publishers with the opportunity to place adverts in both text and graphic format.

As advertisers decide to put adsense into their website over banner advertising, the question still remains. Which is the best for advertisers and which is the best for publishers?

On one hand advertisers may feel that image adverts are more responsive yet less likely to stimulate a sale. On the other hand text adverts may convert more, whilst being less visible to the consumer.

Text based adverts are considered the least intrusive of the two formats. However does that mean that Graphic advertising is better? Consumers are used to graphic advertising from signing into free email accounts, and from using other web based services. Through being used to graphic advertising they have almost programmed their selves to ignore it. Through the adverts being untargeted, the consumer is used to brand advertising which they feel is generally less purposeful. This may cause the consumer to ignore the graphic advert from the assumption that it will be the same.

Text adverts are not forced upon surfers. Through being less obvious some people will not see them at all, however those who do see them, and read them are significantly more likely to click on them. This is for a number of reasons, but the first is that they provide more information. Generally, someone who is reading text on a page is not going to be fully satisfied by what they read, and if they check adsense adverts they will most likely read something which will further supplement whatever their intention is next. With an image advert, it is far more of a gamble for the surfer.

Graphic advertising is often paid per impression. This is because the advertiser may be trying to promote their brand, instead of promoting a specifically useful service. They therefore are assumed to have worse conversion rates, and with this text adverts are in the consumers eyes more effective. However, if the text contained within an advert was placed in graphic format, which would be the most effective? Well firstly it can assumed that the surfer will be more likely to view it, however if their were multiple image adverts appearing next to each other they may feel overwhelmed.

Graphic adverts are also harder to regulate. Let’s consider Google allowing adverts to be changed frequently and without regulation. The advertiser could claim affiliation from the website they are advertising on, and contain keywords such as “ipod” which cannot be contained within a text advert. Although more regulation and quality control could be in place, a pornographic image for example could be made to appear in an advertiser’s adverts unknowingly.

Text adverts also have a broader market appeal, as advertisers don’t generally have the in house resources to create an image advert, but do have the in house resources to write a text advert. This could mean that a wider array of advertisers find text advertising accessible, through text adverts being less burden on the advertiser, and being easy to change.

Text adverts are also cheaper for the advertiser to create, where as a graphically designed advert may cost in excess of $200. Through removing this fixed cost advertisers may be willing to allot a higher rate to advertising itself; thus benefiting the advertiser and the publisher.

Text advertising appears to be the preference of the advertiser. They pay a CTR (click through rate) and only receive targeted traffic. This removes risks from businesses that previously had to worry that adverts were not only seen, but clicked on and stimulating sales. As CPC (Cost Per Click) is more relevant to text adverts, advertisers are able to gain exposure without needing a high click through rate to be effective.

The big brands are willing to advertise in both formats however the broad market appeal of text inevitably makes it the winner. As flash websites disappear with image adverts, it is becoming clear that text and information is the preference of the website users.

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